This website is a resource for the research project Bottlenecks for particle growth in turbulent aerosols financed by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. A fundamental problem in the Natural and Engineering Sciences is how turbulence accelerates the growth of particles in aerosols. Two paradigmatic examples are how raindrops form in turbulent rain clouds, and how dust around stars aggregates to eventually form planets. We study the microscopic processes that determine the size distribution of the particles. This is a difficult problem precisely because turbulent fluctuations must be taken into account.

The project started in July 2015. It is hosted by the Department of Physics at the University of Gothenburg. Several other institutes are involved: NORDITA (Stockholm University), Lund Observatory (Lund University), and the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Selforganization in Göttingen (Germany). The scientists involved are listed here.

The board of the project consists of the main and co-applicants (B. Mehlig, E. Bodenschatz, A. Brandenburg, D. Hanstorp, A. Johansen, and S. Östlund). The board asked G. Svensson (MISU, Stockholm) and L. Collins (Cornell) to act as scientific advisors to the board.