Scientific meeting and board meeting Stockholm, June 18 (2018)

Host: Dhruba Mitra

Arrival. June 17.

Departure. June 19.

Venue. The meeting will take place at NORDITA, Roslagstullsbacken 23, 10691 Stockholm. We will be in the large seminar room 112:028 in the south building.

Participants. The meeting is intended for members of the KAW project “Bottlenecks in turbulent aerosols”. If you would like to attend but are not a member of the project, or if you'd like to invite colleagues or students along, please contact Dhruba Mitra (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Vipin Argawal (Stockholm)
Akshay Bhatnagar (Stockholm)
Eberhard Bodenschatz (Göttingen)
Lukas Cedenblad (Stockholm)
Kelken Chang (Göteborg)
Anshuman Dubey (Göteborg)
Johan Fries (Göteborg)
Anders Johansen (Lund)
Bernhard Mehlig (Göteborg)
Jan Meibohm (Göteborg)
Gustav Magnusson (Göteborg)
Dhruba Mitra (Stockholm)
Noemi Schaffer (Lund)
Devranjan Samanta (Stockholm)
Gaetano Sardina (Göteborg)
Gunilla Svensson (Stockholm)
Stellan Östlund (Göteborg)



Sun June 17      
18:30-   Get-together - we meet at the Elite Hotel Arcadia at 18:30  
Mon June 18      
09:00-09:30   Coffee
09:30-12:30   Progress reports & scientific seminars  
09:30-10:00   Eberhard Bodenschatz Can hail and rain nucleate cloud droplets?
10:00-10:20   Dhruba Mitra Relative velocities in poly-disperse turbulent aerosols: simulations and theory  
10:20-10:40   Akshay Bhatnagar Effect of settling on the relative velocities of heavy particles in turbulence  
10:40-11:00   Coffee  
11:00-11:20   Johan Fries Numerical simulation of entrainment in a cloud chamber  
11:20-11:40   Gaetano Sardina Entrainment at the cloud edge  
11:40-12:00   Xiang-Yu Li Superparticle simulations for droplet dynamics in turbulent clouds  
12:00-12:20   Jan Meibohm Persistent-flow model for particles in turbulence  
12:30-14:30   Lunch break, discussion, board meeting
14:30-17:20   Progress reports & scientfic seminars  
14:30-14:50   Kelken Chang TBA  
14:50-15:10   Gustav Magnusson Colliding charged water droplets
15:10-15:30   Noemi Schaffer & Lukas Cedenblad Erosion of planetesimals in gas flow  
15:30-16:10   Coffee and discussion
16:10-16:40   Anders Johansen The effect of heterogeneous nucleation on water ice deposition in protoplanetary disks  
16:40-17:00   Anshuman Dubey Fractal dimensions and crossing paths in correlated random walks  
17:00-17:20   Bernhard Mehlig Passive directors in turbulence
19:00-   Dinner - at the restaurant Den gamle och havet
Tue June 19   Departure  


Registration. Please register by sending a mail to Dhruba Mitra before May 31. Please indicate whether you would like to give an oral presentation or not.

Accommodation. Please arrange your own accommodation for this meeting. We recommend the two following hotels:

BIZ Apartment Hotel at Gärdet (cheaper but further away).
Elite Hotel Arcadia (closer but more expensive).

Travel. Airfare within Europe (up to 300 Euros), from the US (up to 1000 Euros), and train fare within Sweden will be re-imbursed. The easiest way is that your home institution pays and then bills Gothenburg University. Contact Bernhard Mehlig if you have questions about reimbursement.