Scientific meeting and board meeting Göttingen, December 10/11 (2018)

Host: Eberhard Bodenschatz. Organiser: Bernhard Mehlig

Arrival. December 9

Departure. December 11

Venue. The meeting will take place at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-organization, Am Fassberg 17, 37077 Göttingen (Germany) in seminar room 0.77 (map).

Accommodation. We will book hotels & guest rooms for the registered participants from outside Göttingen, from Dec. 9 to Dec. 11. Further info by email.

Participants. The meeting is intended for members of the KAW project “Bottlenecks in turbulent aerosols”. If you would like to attend but are not a member of the project, or if you'd like to invite colleagues or students along, please contact Bernhard Mehlig (

Preliminary list of participants
Bagheri, Golamhossein (Göttingen)
Bec, Jeremie (Nice)
Bertens, Guus (Göttingen)
Bhatnagar, Akshay (Stockholm)
Bodenschatz, Eberhard (Göttingen)
Brandenburg, Axel (Stockholm)
Cendenblad, Lukas (Stockholm)
Chang, Kelken (Göteborg)
Fries, Johan (Göteborg)
Guettler, Johannes (Göttingen)
Gustavsson, Kristian (Göteborg)
Ibanez Laneta, Antonia (Göttingen)
Mehlig, Bernhard (Göteborg)
Meibohm, Jan (Göteborg)
Mitra, Dhrubaditya (Stockholm)
Molacek, Jan (Göttingen)
Pumir, Alain (Lyon)
Weiss, Stephan (Göttingen)
Östlund, Stellan (Göteborg)


Preliminary schedule

Sun December 9
20:00   Get together. We meet at the restaurant Maharadscha at 20:00 (Gartenstrasse 25 Eingang Angerstrasse)  
Mon December 10   Progress reports and scientific talks  
09:00-09:30   Welcome & Coffee  
09:30-10:00   Bodenschatz Introduction  
10:00-10:30   Molacek Field measurements of droplet dynamics in clouds  
10:30-11:00   Coffee break  
11:00-11:30   Pumir Collisions of ice crystals settling in turbulence  
11:30-12:00   Gustavsson Data analysis for the Göttingen crystal-ball experiment  
12:00-12:30   Weiss Leidenfrost-like droplets in thin Rayleigh-Benard cells  
12:30-13:30   Lunch break  
13:30-14:30   Board meeting  
14:30-15:00   Bec Statistical steady states in turbulent droplet condensation  
15:00-15:30   Fries Statistical model for droplet-size distribution at the cloud edge  
15:30-16:00   Meibohm Statistical model for heavy particles - persistent-flow limit  
16:00-16:30   Coffee break  
16:30-17:00   Bagheri Drag coefficient of non-spherical particles  
17:00-17:30   Guettler Experimental investigation of the generation of micrometric droplets and artificial particles  
17:30-18:00   Brandenburg Collision and coagulation in turbulence  
19:00-   Dinner Kartoffelhaus
Tue December 11   Progress reports and scientific talks  
09:00-09:30   Chang Droplet collision experiments in Gothenburg  
09:30-10:00   Bhatnagar Relative velocities in turbulent aerosols  
10:00-10:30   Coffee break  
10:30-11:00   Mitra Erosion of solid objects in turbulence  
11:00-11:30   Mehlig Inertial effects on a sphere settling in an oscillatory flow
11:30-12:30   Discussion
    Ice crystals: settling, angular dynamics, riming  
    Clustering and relative velocities for particles of different sizes  
13:00   Departure  


Registration. Please register by sending a mail to Bernhard Mehlig before November 10. Please indicate whether you would like to give an oral presentation or not.

Travel. For project participants: airfare within Europe (up to 300 Euros) can be reimbursed. The easiest way is that your home institution pays and then bills Gothenburg University. Contact Bernhard Mehlig if you have questions about reimbursement.