Scientific meeting and board meeting Göttingen, December 10/11 (2018)

Host: Eberhard Bodenschatz. Organiser: Bernhard Mehlig

Arrival. December 9

Departure. December 11.

Venue. The meeting will take place at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-organization in Göttingen (Germany).

Participants. The meeting is intended for members of the KAW project “Bottlenecks in turbulent aerosols”. If you would like to attend but are not a member of the project, or if you'd like to invite colleagues or students along, please contact Bernhard Mehlig (

Preliminary list of participants
Bagheri, Golamhossein (Göttingen)
Bec, Jeremie (Nice)
Bertens, Guus (Göttingen)
Bhatnagar, Akshay (Stockholm)
Bodenschatz, Eberhard (Göttingen)
Brandenburg, Axel (Stockholm)*
Cendenblad, Lukas (Stockholm)*
Dubey, Anshuman (Göteborg)
Chang, Kelken (Göteborg)
Dubey, Anshuman (Göteborg)
Fries, Johan (Göteborg)
Guettler, Johannes (Göttingen)
Gustavsson, Kristian (Göteborg)
Hanstorp, Dag (Göteborg)*
Ibanez Laneta, Antonia (Göttingen)
Malinowski, Szymon (Warsaw)
Mehlig, Bernhard (Göteborg)
Meibohm, Jan (Göteborg)
Mitra, Dhrubaditya (Stockholm)
Molacek, Jan (Göttingen)
Pumir, Alain (Lyon)
Östlund, Stellan (Göteborg)


Preliminary schedule

Sun December 9
Tue December 11   Departure  


Registration. Please register by sending a mail to Bernhard Mehlig before November 10. Please indicate whether you would like to give an oral presentation or not.

Accommodation. We intend to put up as many participants as possible in the MPI guest house. Details will be announced later.

Travel. For project participants: airfare within Europe (up to 300 Euros) can be reimbursed. The easiest way is that your home institution pays and then bills Gothenburg University. Contact Bernhard Mehlig if you have questions about reimbursement.