Particles in turbulence - Zugspitze December 13-15 (2017)

Organisers: Bernhard Mehlig and Eberhard Bodenschatz


Plane/train to Munic airport. Arrival Tuesday December 12. Train from there to Garmisch Partenkirchen (train schedule).
You need to book your own hotel room in Garmisch-Partenkirchen for the night December 12/13.
Tuesday morning we meet at  Garmisch-Partenkirchen Railway Station at 8:45 to take the 9:15 train to Zugspitzplatt (map).  From there we take the cable car to Schneefernerhaus

Tue December 12       Arrival in Garmisch Partenkirchen
Wed December 13   09:15   Train from Garmisch Railway Station to Zugspitzplatt (arrival 10:28)
    11:00   Cable car to Schneefernerhaus
    14:00-21:00   Conference
Thu December 14   09:00-18:00   Conference
Fri December 15   08:30-11:30   Conference
    12:30   Train from Zugspitzplatt to Garmisch Partenkirchen (arrival 13:50)



Wednesday   14:00   Experiments in Göttingen and at Schneefernerhaus
December 13       Gholamhossein Bagheri The cloudkite project
        Guus Bertens The Zugspitze experiment
        Jan Molacek Particle tracking and clustering of cloud droplets at the Zugspitze
    15:30-16:00   Coffee break
    16:00-18:00   Session continued
        Johannes Guettler Experimental investigation of the generation of micrometric drops
        Antonio Ibanez Development of high resolution hot wires for environmental flow measurements
        Oliver Schlenczek Using airborne holography to investigate spatial distributions of cloud hydrometeors
        Freja Nordsiek Towards particle measurements in high-Re turbulence in a high-pressure SF6 wind tunnel (with A. Gabriel and Ch. Kuechler)
    18:30-19:30   Dinner
    19:30-20:30   Evening colloquium
        Gaetano Sardina Droplet size distribution in turbulent rain clouds
Thursday   8:00-8:30   Breakfast
December 14        
    8:30-10:00   Progress reports and scientific seminars
        Akshay Bhatnagar Turbulent collisions of droplets with different Stokes numbers
        Anshuman Dubey Fractal dimensions and crossing paths in correlated random walks
        Kristian Gustavsson Angular dynamics of ice crystals settling in turbulence
    10:00-10:30   Coffee break
    10:30-12:30   Progress reports and scientific seminars
        Kasia Karpinska Measurement campaign ACORES 2017
        Jakub Nowak Measurement campaign ACORES 2017
        Dag Hanstorp Collisions and coalescences of falling droplets
        Gustav Magnusson Controlling humidity for water-droplet collisions
    12:30-14:15   Lunch at Zugspitzplatt
    14:30-15:30   Excursion
    15:30-16:45   Progress reports and scientific seminars
        Kelken Chang Optical juggling
        Noemi Schaffer Dust dynamics in protoplanetary disks
        Jan Meibohm Heavy droplets in a highly persistent flow
    17:00-18:30   Discussion
        Inertial effects on sphere settling in oscillatory flow (Molacek, Mehlig)
        Crystal-ball experiment (Gustavsson, Bhatnagar)
        Collision coalescence of settling droplets (Chang, Bhatnagar)
        Fluctuations in the collision dynamics of settling droplets (Mehlig)
    19:00   Dinner
        Evening talk
    20:00   Bernhard Mehlig Summary statistical models for turbulent aerosols
December 15   8:00-8:30   Breakfast
    8:30-11:30   Progress reports and scientific seminars
        Stephan Weiss Modeling clouds in the lab
        Bernhard Mehlig Orientation patterns of non-spherical particles in turbulence
        Akshay Bathnagar Simulations of collision and coalescence of settling droplets
    12:00   Lunch at Zuspitzplatt/departure
Preliminary list of invited participants

Guus Bertens (Göttingen)
Eberhard Bodenschatz (Göttingen)
Gholamhossein Bagheri (Göttingen)
Akshay Bhatnagar (Stockholm)
Kelken Chang (Göteborg)
Anshuman Dubey (Göteborg)
Johannes Guettler (Göttingen)
Kristian Gustavsson (Göteborg)
Dag Hanstorp (Göteborg)
Antonio Alfredo Ibanez (Göttingen)
Kasia Karpinska (Warszawa)
Gustav Magnusson (Göteborg)
Bernhard Mehlig (Göteborg)
Jan Meibohm (Göteborg)
Jan Molacek (Göttingen)
Jakub Nowak (Warszawa)
Freja Nordsiek (Göttingen)
Gaetano Sardina (Göteborg)
Noemi Schaffer (Lund)
Oliver Schlenczek (Göttingen)
Stephan Weiss (Göttingen)
Stellan Östlund (Göteborg)

*To be confirmed.